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Hues of pink and red, the aroma of roses and chocolate, and the laughter of giddy lovers. It’s Valentine’s Day and the smell of love is in the air. Some will be thrilled to see it leave, others will be sad to see it go, but one thing we can all agree on is… it’s time to heavily hit up those candy sales.

My sweet tooth unfortunately always prevails, and luckily I have an extremely thoughtful Valentine that has spoiled me with delectable chocolates and many other perfect goodies. There’s just one really important thing missing – and that’s him. The Gator Invitational in Florida has stolen Charlie from me for the weekend, and although I hated not getting to see him, our Valentine’s Day still managed to be perfect miles apart! Good luck, Vandy golf! & Anchor Down!

Even though I had one very important Valentine missing today, I spent the day with my other sweethearts [Lindsay + Jessica]. We had the best “Gal-entine’s Day”, ever. Lunch at Brick & Tin and coffee at Octane – it was perfect! We laughed, shopped, and ate well. The main ingredients for a fabulous day if you ask me. 

Another perfect combo? These romantic pieces from ADEAM, Chanel, Thakoon, and Alice + Olivia’s Spring 2014 Ready-to-Wear Collections. Perfectly electric pinks, rich reds, and creamy whites. I am in awe of the genius behind each look! Structure plus femininity equals perfection.

Photo source

“When in doubt, wear red.” – Bill Blass

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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