5 things for Tuesday

namaste photoshop
 1.a respectful greeting said when giving a namaskar
– a traditional Indian greeting or gesture of respect

I like Tuesdays. I like them a lot. And I believe that I like them specifically because that means that Monday has come and gone – and if I am enjoying Tuesday, that means that I survived Monday. Make sense?

So in order to give Tuesday the proper attention that it deserves, I’m welcoming it with a gracious namaste.  And since I’m already in a relaxing state of mind (a la namaste), here are five thoughts I had about things you should know while I was doing hot yoga sitting in the recliner with my feet propped up.

1. Cara Delevingne took a runway selfie. So it looks like the battle for the most impressive selfie has been won, and all of you street style peasants may now quit. Can’t you hear Cara cackling? Proclaiming, “hashtag, you lose!” – I would, anyway.

2. This week’s The Edit from Net-a-Porter features Jennifer Connelly on the cover. Honestly, it is unfair that someone be so stunningly beautiful. The piece on Connelly is intriguing and the emphasis she places on family is refreshing. Additionally, the rest of The Edit is informative – with explanations as to why the 80’s trend is seeping back into style. (Much to my dismay).

3. I do not like La BoulangePrimarily because I cannot pronounce La Boulange. 

4. I have refrained from binging on House of Cards because I am a good friend. However, Lindsay, I am losing my patience and if we do not sit down together soon I will surely die from the suspense of not knowing what happens after episode one. Also, I don’t like the fact that President Obama is probably finished with the entire season by now and I am merely (repeat – again) on episode ONE. However, I find his tweet rather disturbing as I feel like he should have better things to do. Like, oh I don’t know, being the leader of the free world?

5. Last Thursday New York Fashion Week wrapped up and on Sunday, DVF featured artist St. Vincent at her show. Annie Clark (St. Vincent) performed not one, but three new songs from her self-titled album set to release on February 25th. I will confess I had no clue who she was and was a little thrown by her purple hair. However, I downloaded all three songs she performed and now I am listening to them on repeat. Which for some reason always annoys everyone. But whatever! She is crazy cool.

So there you have it – the thoughts I had about five rather insignificant things.

Also, yes, the photo of the darling child at the beginning of the post, is me. And yes, I realize that is not the “proper way” to namaste.

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