That’s embarrassing

lanvin harpers bazaar

Yesterday I was helping Charlie with his laundry – like good girlfriends do.

There was a pile of clean clothes in a basket, so I dove in and started folding. Jeans, towels, athletic wear, pullovers, and golf shirts. You name it, it was in there. I asked him, “you didn’t wash all of these together.. did you?”

Yes. Yes he did.

Astonished, I pulled a shirt out of the pile shook it in the air and continued to nag, “you washed a Peter Millar shirt with towels? And jeans?”

He grinned and replied, “First, it is Peter Millar, and yes, I did.”

Please let us pause and rewind to clarify what exactly happened there. Mill-er  is actually Mill-ahr. However, I didn’t know that, but Charlie did and he was quick to correct me.

I could have died from embarrassment. He’s not supposed to correct me on designer name pronunciation. That is absolutely not supposed to happen. 

I was speechless. Had nothing to say. Could not retort. He got me. He had won. My credibility = shot.

Luckily for me (and you), Harper’s Bazaar understands that we are merely human and designer pronunciation mistakes are a common occurrence. To help us out, they have made not one, but two pronunciation cheat sheets for our reference. Click here for cheat sheet one and here for cheat sheet two.

I find solace in knowing that there are enough people butchering the pronunciation of designers like Comme des Garçons and Giambattista Valli for Harper’s Bazaar to produce such a useful guide. Turns out, I am not alone in my ignorance. Even so, I think we all can agree that I have no excuse for the Peter Millar episode.

You win some, you lose some. Charlie – 1, Hanna – 0.

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