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So today, the perfect storm revealed itself that finally slung me out of this writer’s block slump that I have recently been submerged in.

I was visiting with my former boss and we were discussing life. Talking about my upcoming internship in Nashville, Lillian & Dot, how I was in New York this time last year, and what I thought my future might have in store. It really got my wheels turning and I lost myself in a reminiscent state. I replayed last summer’s internship in New York like a movie reel in my head. I thought about Coach and what all I had learned. It was a nice thought.

The End.

Just kidding.

Then I started thinking about how I am meeting with a former professor of mine (and current mentor) over coffee tomorrow. I asked her to meet with me to give me one of her pep talks before I move to Nashville. So I began making a list of all of the questions I had and became amused at how different this summer’s Hanna is, compared to last summer’s Hanna. Last years concerns and questions were trivial in comparison to this years.

Interning at Coach rocked my world. I learned more in two months from my Product Development team than I did in four years of college (not true, but it sounds good). But in all honesty, Coach taught me so much and I may sound like that broken record that needs to be snapped over your knee – but it was an unforgettable experience that taught me..

 10 Invaluable Things About A Corporate Internship in the Fashion Industry (Some serious/Some not so serious)

1. Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain. (Praise, Jesus!) Flashy smiles only take you so far. Can you make money for us? No? Okay, leave. MONEY TALKS. They just want you to have a brain in your head.

2. Heels ruin lives.

3. Working Excel in your sleep is vital.

4. You really don’t need to carry 5 blazers to live with you and your roommate in your dorm that is the size of a pinhead. That suitcase space could have been used for, IDK, orthopedic shoes. (See #2)

5. The men in the mailroom are confidants. DHL is the enemy.

6. Email etiquette is without a doubt one of the most important skills.

7. It probably goes without saying, but the marble lobby is slippery when it rains. (Oops)

8. “Okay, can you spell Gabbana?” – JK. That The Devil Wears Prada moment didn’t happen to me, but you better always be wielding pen and paper. You never know when someone is going to need you to “retrieve a sample on the the 11th floor from Jane in the leather department that sits in the third cubicle next to Sue.” Got that?

9. If you ruin your coworker’s surprise engagement party, your coworkers actually won’t hate you.

10. Number nine is embarrassingly true, but that only gives me the perfect transition to say that if you respect your boss and coworkers, work hard (even if you don’t understand what you’re doing half of  the time), and own up to your mistakes – your coworkers will be the best thing that happens to you. I can promise you that.

Happy Interning!

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One thought on “10 Things

  1. Karen says:

    10 things made me laugh and actually brought back memories of my internship…. back in the time when dinosaurs roamed the earth!

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