On The Move

Happy At Home

It seems like just yesterday (rather than three months ago) that I posted on learning to embrace change and welcome it with open arms. Change is certainly upon me again as I have just moved into my new, big girl apartment in Nashville where I am awaiting the start of my internship on August 25th. I am so ecstatic to be here, and wanted to share a glimpse inside my little corner of the world.

Planning and decorating for my new apartment was so exciting. I scoured thrift stores, my family’s homes, sales, and even.. “Dirt Cheap”! (Gasp!) I think it all came together really nicely and it is exactly what I had envisioned. I’ve had many people ask me about where my pillows, rug, etc. came from. So please check it out below, and always feel free to shoot me an email at lilliananddot (at) gmail (dot) com if you have any questions!

Numbered Living Room

1 – The rug came from Catalog Overstock in Boaz, AL. I paid $32.00 for this bad boy! Talk about a steal.

2 – The coffee table came from an antique store in Guntersville, AL named “King’s Row”. My aunt gave it to me as a gift. It was a great deal, too at $15.00! I love the clean lines.

3 – The brass goose-neck lamp belonged to my Papa Harold. My Memi (Dot!) gave it to him as a gift. We cleaned it up and I added a lampshade that was purchased at Lowe’s. It means a lot to me.

4 – The mirror. Ahhh. My favorite focal point. I purchased the mirror in Guntersville, AL for $50.00 at an antique consignment shop called “The Frugal Decorator.” I am so in awe of how it tied the room together. Thankfully it hung well on the wall – it weighs 27 pounds!

5 – Love, love this modern lamp. It is a Nate Berkus for Target that I found at “Dirt Cheap”! I think I paid $15.00 for the base. (Score!) I ended up buying the shade at Target for about $25.00.

6 – The clock. This clock belonged to my great-grandmother (Lillian!) and great-grandfather. It is such a cool heirloom and really anchors the table stacked upon some of my favorite books.

7 – The pillows. If you were to see the number of pillows I ended up with, you would laugh. I am all about a lofty amount, but things escalated way too quickly. I currently have nine pillows in my tiny living room (you can’t see a few), but you know what they say – the more the merrier! From left to right this is where the pillows came from: gold chevron from “Dirt Cheap” (thanks, Linds), painted cheetah pillow (painted by me, sewn by my mom), ‘Home’ pillow from “Tuesday Morning”, gold lumbar pillow from Pier 1 (I scored this one and a small beaded pillow for my bedroom for $30.00 combined with a coupon), and finally the gorgeous beaded pillow from “Dirt Cheap” (thanks again, Linds!).

I hope that you have as much fun when you decorate your home as I did. I believe that it is all about unique finds that express who you are. After all, your home should be a reflection of you and your interests. It all goes back to one of my favorite quotes from Carolina Herrera (I have it plastered on my fridge),

“Do you know what elegance is? It is not only what you’re wearing, it is how you wear it, who you are INSIDE. It is the way you decorate your house, what you surround yourself with, what books you read and what your interests are.”

Eloquent words, excellent wisdom.

Blog Signature

Of course I realize that none of this would be possible without the constant support of my family and friends. They have guided me, moved me in, and even cried with me. Happy tears, of course. But most importantly, I realize that while I enjoy my new zip code and my comfortable apartment filled with things that make me happy, my true joy comes from Jesus Christ. “For a man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.” – Luke 12:15. All glory to God! 


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