Losing a Legend


Lauren Bacall was an icon whose glamorous stardom was unmatched. At 89 years young, she left this world behind her. And she left with a lasting legacy.

I wanted to share with you an Instagram tribute I saw from former model and current activist Bethann Hardison.

Hardison’s caption reads of a quote from Bacall, ” I think your whole life shows in your face, and you should be proud of that.”

What beautiful words. Botox, creams, serums, and surgeries aside – sometimes it’s nice to know that women like Lauren Bacall existed, and still do in this world today. She accepted herself for who she was as she aged, which we can all agree – was gracefully and beautifully.

Thank you for the glamour, the laughs, and the wisdom Lauren Bacall!

“If there was one thing I had never been, it was mysterious, and if there was one thing I had never done, it was not talk.” – Lauren Bacall

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