In the Kitchen With Lily

“You’re a clumsy chef, but a good chef.”

Lily Aldridge displays that it is absolutely, 100% possible for her to serve an impeccable dinner to French clients while simultaneously looking flawless. Despite the broken glass, gazpacho to the face, and the few wardrobe changes – Lily handles it with ease. Making us all want to immediately shop Victoria’s Secret new collection. Because maybe, just maybe, we’ll achieve that ease if we’re sporting VS.

But really. I’m loving the direction Victoria’s Secret is taking with this “sexy short” for their most recent line of minimal lingerie, “New. Simple. Sexy.” It doesn’t get any more real than a woman in her kitchen juggling houseguests and unexpected obstacles. I commend VS for making us all feel like Angels. It really makes you stop and say, “if Lily can waltz around her kitchen in her skivvies, can, too!”

Okay.. well maybe not.

Or we can at least make sure the blinds are closed.

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