Dauntless & Daring

Last month I read Divergent by Veronica Roth. However, it wasn’t until this past weekend (late, I know) that I saw the movie. And everyday since then (literally) all I’ve thought about is Tris (above) and her Dauntless style. [FYI: Dauntless is one of the five factions in Divergent. The faction is dedicated to courage, bravery, and fearlessness. But you already knew that, right?]
Doing some online perusing yesterday, I ran across the Lululemon Lab.
My thoughts went as follows:
First thought: what is this?! [it’s a design incubator pushing Lululemon’s limits]
Second thought: wait, is this new and am I late to this party?! [turns out, yes]
Third thought: can I buy these things?! [turns out, sort of / available in select stores]

Fourth (and final) thought: OMG, Tris!!!

So since Divergent was on the brain I, of course, thought: these items from the Lululemon Lab are TOTALLY Dauntless approved!! Inspired and ecstatic, I decided that it was of utmost necessity I share with you:

“Lillian & Dot’s picks for the best edgy and comfy, 100% Dauntless approved looks to take you from work(out) to play”

(You know, for those days you’re feeling a bit daring)

Dauntless & Daring Style

(click the image above to get instant links and prices to products)


No Dauntless style is complete, however, without the appropriate fitness bands and the latest Nike Training Camp App . (DUH) From left to right you can see I’ve included Tory Burch’s new line of Fitbit covers (you can pre-order it), the Fitbit herself, and finally, the Jawbone UP24 Band. I use the Jawbone UP24 and it gets my seal of approval, especially with the latest app updates.

The only downfall of UP24? TB doesn’t make anything suitable for Jawbone. …  So now I’m just like hey, where’s my Fitbit? Santa? Hello?

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