It’s a (Block) Party!

12 South Block Party


When I was small, I always wondered why my neighborhood NEVER threw those elaborate block parties like I had seen on TV. To this day, I’m still not sure why the two neighborhoods of my childhood never managed to organize just ONE (get your act together, parents). But this coming Saturday I can proudly say I will be attending my FIRST block party! And YOU can, too!

If you’ve been following Lillian & Dot, you know that I have just moved to Nashville where I will be completing an internship. I haven’t revealed who I will be working with (as I was waiting for just the right post), but this seems like the perfect opportunity to share that I will be interning with LEONA by Lauren Leonard!

The first time I saw LEONA’s clothes, I was in The Shirt Shop in Tuscaloosa, AL getting ready to ‘up’ my game day artillery. I remember seeing the most perfectly tailored blouse, and thinking – I’ve got to have that. Turns out, it was LEONA. And it wasn’t long after that I invested (Lauren’s designs are true investment pieces that WILL become staples in your wardrobe) in my first LEONA blouse! From that day forward, I became hooked on this designer that possessed Southern roots, but who was passionately pursuing a place in the top of the industry scene.

I am honored and ecstatic to be interning for a company that possesses an aesthetic I 100% align myself with, that holds their roots in the South, and that proudly manufacturers their products in the USA!

With all of that said, you must join us for the 12 South Block party THIS Saturday, August 23rd. The party begins at 10:00 am and ends at 7:00 pm. There will be giveaways, promos, sidewalk sales, food, and MORE! Specifically, LEONA will be offering: $25 LEONA Loot for every $100 spent + gift with purchase + extra markdowns on SALE items! Come on people – you DO NOT want to miss this!

For more information you can check out the Facebook event, here.

And of course! Please take a look at some of my fave LEONA looks for the upcoming season, below. You can find them all online at or at a stockist near you!

“Life is lovely living in Leona!”


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