Shake Rumors Off, Throw Sweatshirts On

By now you have undoubtedly seen Taylor Swift’s new single, “Shake It Off”. The video is stirring up some controversy, but that is neither here nor there because what we really need to discuss is: 1) how the video makes us smile, and 2) DID YOU SEE the ensemble that Taylor is donning at the beginning of the music video?

As Taylor stretches her hammies on the barre in her leotard and tights, you will find that she’s sporting a graphic sweatshirt featuring nothing other than… the outline of a cat.

(“Ok?”, you wonder.)

If you’re a true T-Swift fan then you KNOW her love for all things kitty and this is NOT just a coincidence. She’s quite obsessed with her cat that she lovingly named “Olivia Benson”, after the ‘Law & Order SVU’ character. (See below)

Taylor Swift

And she even decked out her phone in.. kitty stickers. (Dare we venture as far to say that Taylor is a cat lady?) (Also see below)

Taylor Swift

So in theme with the message of “Shake It Off”, Taylor stays true to herself by wearing the most purrrrfect sweatshirt we ever did see! And if you’d like to mimick Taylor’s laid back style that speaks for itself, then you have got to check this out RIGHT. MEOW.

“Lillian & Dot’s Top 10 Sweatshirts that you Felines Need in Your Closets NOW”

(Have I reached my cat pun quota, yet?)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Found on Shopbop and ASOS, these sweatshirts are must-haves. You can go bold with a print, sweet with a saying, or edgy with a graphic. What’s best about these sweatshirts? They’re affordable. Some are even ON SALE! Click the link of the sweatshirt you fancy to be redirected for item info.

Meow you may be wondering, I’ve found the perfect sweatshirt, but how do I style it without looking too overdone, or too frumpy? I can answer that! By anchoring your sweatshirt with a feminine layer underneath (read: chiffon), tailoring it with some cuffed boyfriend jeans (read: medium to dark wash), and accessorizing it with sweet, jeweled gold pieces (read: JCREW) – you will be turning more heads than T-Swift herself.

To help you get a visual, you can check out the ‘styling the sweatshirt: how to’ guide. Click on the image below to be sent to my Polyvore where you can check out links and prices to the featured products.

styling the sweatshirt: how to

So whether you’re sporting your sweatshirt at Pure Barre or spicing it up for a night on the town, investing in one is in your best interest this fall. You’ll be perfectly put together so, like Taylor, you’ll “never miss a beat”.



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