Lillian & Dot take on Downtown Franklin

photo 2

Today marks the first official day of my internship with LEONA. So yesterday I made sure to take advantage of my last bit of freedom. I’m glad that I decided to head to Downtown Franklin where I enjoyed coffee, community, local shops, and welcoming smiles.

My first stop landed me at Frothy Monkey. A fan of the the 12 South Frothy Monkey- I had not yet ventured to their newest location in Franklin. I was happy to score a Hazelnut White Mocha, and a nice view on the porch. It was a little warm out, but I was able to write, take in the scenery, and sit next to a precious pup named Aspen. This was all well and good until I found out later yesterday evening that HARRY STYLES (One Direction) was getting his coffee at the Frothy Monkey.. in 12 SOUTH. Face palm. Regardless, Frothy Never disappoints. Celebrity siting or not.

photo 1

After getting frothy I took a stroll back to my car, exchanged my laptop and backpack for my purse and was ready to hit the stores. I stopped at a few novelty shops. One was spectacular, but I was bummed they didn’t allow photography. There was even a sign that stated “No selfies with merchandise”. Awk. So I didn’t even attempt to ask for permission, and I pushed on.

I ended up landing at what I am convinced is one of the sweetest stores in all of the South: Lulu. Described on their website as an “elegant lifestyle store”, I can 100% vouch for that. Lulu is filled with elegance, heart, fun, and spunk. The ambiance is light, the store smells fresh, the quotes on the chalkboards scattered throughout the store are on top of their game, and the customer service and owner herself are spectacular. To top it all off, I was ecstatic to see that they carried Tokyo Milk, and I ended up with Dead Sexy no. 6 fragrance. I will definitely be returning to Lulu as a frequent shopper.

After Lulu I found myself at Anthropologie. I don’t even remember making the conscious decision to go in there. It just.. happened. Anthro is kinda like witchcraft for the suburban house mom and her tween to young adult daughter. Anyway, Anthropologie is one of my favorite retailers so I couldn’t miss an opportunity to step inside. Every Anthro is always unique and different and the Franklin shop definitely didn’t disappoint. Customer service got a ten, and the sale they were having off additional sale items got an “okay, now we’re biffles” seal of approval. I ended up with the sweetest bangles in all the land.

After Anthropologie my sweet tooth was tempting me to stop for a snack at Kilwins, but I felt a little guilty that I left this little buddy at home. So I grabbed my goodies and called it a day.


SO, what did I miss? Where should I head to next in Franklin? I’m thinkin’ 55 Southbut you KNOW I’m open for suggestions!


PS – Give all of these wonderful companies some love by visiting them if you’re in the area, but definitely by following them on social media if you are, or are not! 


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