Fuel Your Week



As Labor Day weekend comes to an abrupt close, it’s time to rev up for a new week. Monday’s are difficult as is, but It’s always terribly hard to start a work week after a long holiday that consisted of family, food, and way too much fun. However, you gotta do what you gotta do, and if you follow my “Ultimate To-Do List”, you will be fueling your week to run seamlessly! Complete this list the day before your week starts and you will be so glad you did! Then bam! It will be Friday again before you know it!

1 – Literally FUEL UP! Put gas in that guzzler on Sunday to avoid an unexpected gas light mishap when you crank the car Monday morning.

2 – Plan your week. Doctor’s appointments? Write ’em down. Play dates? Record those, too. Bills to pay? Pencil them in. Deadlines? Do I even have to tell you to make sure that’s in bold in your planner?!

3 – Take out the trash. Empty trash bins not only make things look neater, but there’s something refreshing about getting all that junk out.

4 – Wash those sheets! There truly is no greater feeling than crawling into a clean bed. Fresh sheets help YOU start fresh and get a better night’s sleep!

5 – Wash those clothes! If you’re single, you can accomplish laundry in a few hours. Do this on Sunday so you have dresser drawers full of fresh undies and basic necessities. (If you have items at the cleaners, make it a habit to pick them up on Friday or Saturday. You don’t want to be fishing in your closet come Monday morning only to realize you haven’t picked up your things!)

6 – Clean house. Get a lil vacuum action in, dust, wipe down the countertops, clean the dishes, scrub the shower, whatever! Just get your space sparkling!

7 – Stock the pantry. Get your grocery shopping done! Plan your menu for the week, make your shopping list, and head to the store! Nothing is worse than coming in on a long Monday to open the fridge and find NOTHING. Don’t be victim of an empty fridge failure!

8 – Iron and steam. This doesn’t necessarily have to be completed all on a Sunday, but be sure to complete this each night before you head to bed. Running around in a frenzy attempting to get yourself and your clothes in order is not an ideal way to start your morning.

9 – Groom yourself! Girls, paint your nails. Deep condition the hair. Pluck your brows. Get yourself in tip-top condition at the beginning of the week.

10 – Get some Zzz’s! Retire to bed EARLY on Sunday night. That’s the best way to guarantee a smooth Monday morning.

So even though this week’s Tuesday is our “Monday”, follow these tips today and EVERY weekend and you will be sure to have a week that’s just a little less worry free!



PS – Honorable mention #11 on the list is to get yourself a Grande Non-Fat Pumpkin Spice Latte. It’s time! It’s time!


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