The Art of Adornment


It was my first trip to Henri Bendel and I stood there staring at the vast display of jewels, and I was in awe. Rows of dainty, intricate, over-the-top, beautiful jewelry was just begging for me to gaze longingly, to coo “ooh” and “ahh”. And gaze longingly I did, until a lady approached me jolting me out of my trance.

“Can I help you?”

“Oh, no m’am. I’m just looking, thanks.”

The conversation didn’t end there, though. Upon hearing my accent the kind sales associate picked my brain, curious about where I was from and what I was doing in Manhattan. I welcomed the conversation and as it winded down, she promptly directed me towards a table of the daintiest bracelets I had ever seen.

She began throwing bracelets on my wrists, pairing colors, stones, and chain width. I was having a BLAST. (As I’ve said before, I am a freaking sucker for a good sales pitch). And what happened next was one of the most valuable lessons in “dressing” I had ever received.

Grabbing my wrist, she placed a bracelet made up of a tiny rope, and a small, clear stone. “See how this bracelet echoes the colors, and weight of your necklace?” she asked.

She proceeded to assess the canvas she was working with. She looked at my earrings, my watch, necklace, etc. and it immediately all clicked. I think that I inherently knew all along that “oh, this goes with this, this goes with that” and blah, blah, blah. But until this sales associate at Bendel’s began to verbalize to me the art of adorning myself in jewelry, it never really hit me that it really is an art form. An art form that we can trace back to the very beginning of time. Jewelry speaks to our heritage, our family, our inheritance, our interests, and it more oftentimes that not, speaks for itself.

The combining, the curation, the actual wearing of the jewels is an art form in itself. Learning to pair dainty bracelets with chunky necklaces, drop-earrings with cocktail rings. It’s all a fun art of self-expression. However, the art truly begins with the jewelry, and recently I can’t get enough of these fantastic pieces:



The bracelet from Bendel’s that I was suckered into. It used to be.. cleaner… hmm. Life happens.



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