Gaby Aghion – Chloé’s Fearless Leader

Last week, Chloé founder Gaby Aghion passed away at 93 years young. Since her passing, I have read many articles on her life and her legacy at Chloé, but this piece at WWD is perhaps the best, most uplifting, and a true testament to this fashion pioneer.


My favorite quote from the article comes from Aghion herself:

“A lot of things did not exist in France. Everything was yet to be invented, and this thrilled me,” [she] told WWD in 2012. “I was carried away: It was like a tornado. I designed a small collection and decided to present it myself. I went to source the buttons, the fabrics. I was sticking my neck out.

If anything is to be learned from Aghion’s life it is to do just that: stick your neck out. Take a risk, a leap of faith, just jump. Aghion went against the fashion grain in all aspects of Chloé. From naming her fashion house to selecting the venues for her shows to creating a new type of RTW. She didn’t stick to the status quo, instead she created a new one. And I admire her. Oh, I admire her.

Thank you for being a pioneer, Gaby.


Be sure to read the full article here.

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