less is more

It’s been ages since I’ve posted. I’m not ashamed because life happens, and naturally more important things take precedence. Sure, I’ve thought about picking it back up many times. But between being lean on time and other obligations – throw in the fact that the ‘life & style’ theme feels tired and diluted. All of this mixed together was the perfect storm to just.. quit. I’m not saying that “I’m baaaack”, but I certainly do miss the writing. It’s a satisfying outlet and it forces me to stay abreast with creatives. Really a win-win to dive back in. So we’ll see how dedicated I remain.

I want to start by sharing what 2017 has looked like so far. So many up’s and down’s already, and it’s only April. So many victories, so many struggles, and so much learned – and with excited anticipation I know there is so much more to learn this year.

But one key teaching I am in the midst of mastering is ‘less is more’. I’ll try not to bore you with the gritty details, but at the start of the new year – I knew I wanted to take a different approach to my day to day. So I started small – deleting Twitter and Facebook. I wanted to streamline my social media outlets in greater hopes that I would: 1) stop comparing myself unfairly to others, 2) remove myself from environments that (primarily) bred negativity, 3) free up time to invest in myself + others. It’s now April and I am still free of Twitter and Facebook. I can confidently tell you that the only void I have is not knowing my friend’s + family’s birthdays (whoops). Otherwise, hakuna matata. Literally. It’s quite liberating. Less is more.

(*Disclaimer: Also, I gotta say – the dedication I’ve had to keep Twitter and Facebook deleted, has even surprised me. Granted, like any millennial addict, I get my fix somehow. I still check in on Instagram and Snapchat a ridiculous amount of times, daily. So let’s not kid ourselves. However, I’m hoping to cull back my time on these platforms, too. But you know what they say – let’s walk before we run.)

Another related initiative I had was to “become a minimalist”. I was incredibly inspired after listening to “The Minimalists” podcast, and after watching their documentary on Netflix. In short – I learned that this lifestyle is hardly adoptable for me. Let me start by saying – I’m not materialistic. But I’m also, not, not. For example: anyone who will purchase an unnecessary knick knack at TJ Maxx that serves no purpose.. for their coffee table.. is not a minimalist. If it serves no purpose, and you own it – very much NOT a minimalist. But, fortunately – I am an organizing cyclone when unleashed- so purging was extremely cathartic for me. I have since rid myself of attachments, donated to the Goodwill, given things to friends + family, and sold some items too. I am more thoughtful on what I purchase, and what items I bring into my life. Still nowhere near to being a true minimalist, and although I know it will never be fully attainable for me – I chalk this one up to a win. Less is more.

And finally, I bring you to my most recent ‘less is more’ goal, and what I believe will be a source of many (not annoying, I promise) posts in the future – the Whole 30 diet. Today was Day One – and was a big catalyst in me opening my laptop and logging back into L&D. I want to chronicle this journey.

I have to say – I’ve never been much for (safe) diets, and I’ve also never really stuck to one. Nonetheless, I wanted to give this one a go because, guess what? Yeah – you guessed it, less is more! And this diet unquestionably embodies that mentality. In short – I’m cutting all crap out of my diet. No sugar, no processed foods, no artificial anything, and so much more. Restrictions is the name of the game, but I’m so looking forward to the results. I’m also excited to learn to take this lifestyle and use it as incentive to navigate around the kitchen – a place of unchartered waters for me up until now! So we’ll see what this turns into. Accountability report? Maybe. Food diary? Quite possibly. Burn book? Ask me when I really need a Coca Cola.

So there you have it – the year of ‘less is more’. Thanks for reading, entertaining my ramblings, and appeasing me. I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for us all.



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