About Lillian

Lillian, my great-grandmother, was an absolute vision. Petite, dainty, graceful, beautiful, obsessive-compulsive (a trait she lovingly passed onto me), and fashionable. Grandmother was all of those qualities and more.


An employee at JC Penney, she undoubtedly helped in establishing my love for fashion things at an early age. Every Christmas she would give me a Penney’s catalog that weighed almost as much as I did. I would dog ear, highlight, and mark on every page. Each page had something to be discovered and something for me – whether it was the coveted Barbie Dream House or the ever-popular Birkenstocks. Even after Christmas was over, I would take the catalog and continue to scour its pages. I would lick my fingers, thumb through the book, and using the old typewriter at my Memi’s (Dot), punch in random numbers that corresponded with pictures in the catalog. I have no idea what it was that I was doing, but at the time, in my wee little mind, I was running a business. A successful one at that – all centered around a Penney’s catalog. And my great-grandmother Lillian.


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